Kenko Healthcare’s Logo


Which symbols are united in that logo?

Kenko Healthcare is an internationally acting company. It unites symbols from the Western and the Eastern World.

What does Kenko mean?


[kenkō] is a Japanese term. It may be translated as “Health”.

What is the meaning of the lotus flower?

We chose the lotus flower as a part of our logo, because it represents a Long life and health. Moreover it perfectly represents the challenges of a beginner or re-entrants. It represents a strong will, power of resitance and perseverance, because it grows in muddy waters under the most adverse conditions. The lotus’ power of resitance is often called lotus effect. A complex mirco and nanoscopic architecture of its surface makes sure that rain drip off in drops. As a result the adhesion of dirt particles is reduced to a Minimum. That self-cleaning capability was transferred to many industrial biometric-techinical products. Once the lotus has grown above the surface its flower radiates in extraordinary beauty. Therefore, the lotus represents also a new beginning and the fact that it is worthwhile keeping up until the end.

Why does the flower have 5 leafs?

Kenko Healthcare represents holistic health concepts. Its logo contains a lotus flowers showing 5 leafs. Those leafs represent 5 elements which are the key to holistic health.

1. Motion

2. Recovery

3. Psyche/ Prevention of Stress

4. Nutrition

5. Esthetics

What is the meaning of the circle?

The circle represents a natural and completed shape. Its shape has no natural start or ending. This is why the circle perfectly represents individual progression as the opposite of stagnation. Therby the circle symbolizes the key to training success.
We also think that nature is a key element in a human’s life. Neglecting interactions with nature might lead to a lack of vitamin D and Motion as well as alienation and disorientation. The circle as well as its three-dimensional shape – the shpere – appears in many organic configurations of the nature. That is why many of our offers are strongly connected to the nature. The circle represents a closeness to the nature as well.