What does “Gifpelstürmer” mean?

The German term “Gifpelstürmer” can be translated as mountaineers but also as summiteers.

Who are Kenko Healthcare Gipfelstürmer?

We love the being in the nature and especially enjoy the mountains. That’s why we decided to share this hobby with other people. Based on this decision we founded the Gipfelstürmer Initiative.
Gipfelstürmer can be everyone who loves hiking in the manner, just as we do. Gipfelstürmer do not need to be professional climbers or hikers. The only requirment is everybody having fun.

How can I become a Gipfelstürmer?

Everybody can become a Gipfelstürmer. There are no limits in regard to age restriction, physical conditions or other. It does not matter if a family with kids or an individual joins us. Who feels like joining us for the next tour just clicks on the button “participate”.

How can I imagine a typical Gipfelstürmer tour?

Each tour is planned in detail by the Kenko Healthcare Gipfelstürmer Team. We regularly inform our fellow campaigners about our plans using our homepage.
We organize or tours in a way that they may easily be finished within a single day. All participants meet at the chosen location. From there we start our adventure then.
At the end everybody gets a certificate of participation.

How much is the fun?

It’s completely free! Gipfelstürmer should motivate everyone to go outside and enjoy the nature. Nothing should pretend you from a nice day in the nature!